Sunday, January 23, 2011

When Morgan enters the tavern almost every male in the place turns to look at her. She normally dresses in a way that does not bring a lot of attention to herself. But tonight was different. She had taken more care than usual with her appearance and dressed to show off her figure. Her flame red hair was pulled back away from her face and cascaded down her back. She had glamoured her ears, so no one noticed the pointy tips. She has on a short, black skin tight dress that leaves almost nothing to the imagination, a deep V-neck plunging almost to her waist and if she moves her hair, the back plunges past her hips. Red high heels and a heady perfume laden with pheromones completed her outfit.

But what people couldnt tell from looking at her was how angry and agitated she already was. She had ripped her dress before they left, and even though it only took a wave of her hand to repair it, she was annoyed. And Gareths comment about it fitting like a sausage casing made her angrier. Then the walk from her rented place to the tavern. Gareth was trying to keep out of way which just made him seem more clumsy in her eyes. A car passing by had splashed mud on her feet and hem of her dress furthering her bad mood. Gareth tried to wipe the mud of her dress earning him a hard slap across the face for his efforts. Another wave of her hand had taken care of the dress but the imprint of her hand was plainly visible on Gareths cheek.

Entering the tavern, Morgan enjoys the looks she gets. She walks to a table and sits down. She commands Gareth to get her a drink and leans back in her chair, giving anyone looking a good view of her full breasts.

What a bunch of dolts. Stupid cattle, I hope one of them at least knows how to fuck decently. A few do, with the proper instruction and encouragement. And if he doesnt I can screw him senseless and then enchant him, make Gareth fuck him.... It's always amusing when I remove the spell and the idiot human realizes how his night was spent.

That witch wont drop her brat for awhile, I should be able to at least have a couple of nights for my own pleasure.

Returning with her wine Gareth stumbles a bit as he sets the glass down on the table. Morgan is immediately angry beyond reason and screams at him. “You damn idiot! I have had enough trouble today, I dont need you spilling on me. Fuck! How hard can it be to bring me something to drink and not make it look like you are going to dump it in my lap?”

Gareth sits across from her, his head hanging low, his blonde hair falling forward to cover the red marks on his face.

Sighing loudly, Morgan looks around the bar. For the first time since she has been coming to the tavern she pays more attention to the men. She had been more focused on the women before...

Hmmm.....there are some possibilities here. I have seen that vampire here before. He isnt too bad, a little surly looking. The gargoyles are out, they are so overly protective of their women, pussy whipped, someone should make tombstones out of the lot of them. Not the bartender, letting himself slave here. I dont see that drunk, not that I would take him as far as the damn door.

Her eyes light on Erik, sitting at the bar waiting for Star. Well, well, look at this one. And not quite human, an immortal? Something different....And nice looking....

“Gareth...go talk to that man at the bar, the one with the tattoos, And for fucks sake, get that sour look off your face. Dont be a whiney little fag about it. Go tell him I want to have a drink with him, here, at my table.”

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