Saturday, January 22, 2011

The following day was cold and grey, with a few scattered snowflakes hitting the ground. Alise had slept most of the day since her and Stoney sat visiting with Star and Erik the previous night. They had returned to the tavern when Rowan arrived back at the cottage.

As Stoney starts to awaken the first thing he sees is Alise cuddling Tara, Tomas fast asleep next to them on the bed. Alise smiles brightly as he moves to kiss and greet his family.

At the tavern Monty was getting the bar ready for the night and the band was setting up. Jack was sitting at the bar giving him a hard time about all the college girls that followed the band. Patti was just getting downstairs to start her day and waved at Jack and Monty. Erik joined Jack at the bar and ordered a drink waiting for Star to come downstairs.

Ob was just waking too, feeling much better, noticing a dull ache in his hand as he flexed and stretched his fingers. At least everything seemed to be in alignment and the collarbone didnt hurt at all. Maybe just a few days of resting the hand.... Pandora smiles, happy to see him awake and not in as much pain as the night before.

Raina and Nick are on the dance floor, dancing close but there is no music playing. They are laughing and teasing each other, just enjoying each others company.

And the demifae were busy keeping an eye on everything....

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