Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm standing by the bar, waiting for Star to show up, when the elf comes up. "Excuse me, sir," he says politely. "My employer would like to have a drink with you."

He jerks his head at the redhead in the painted-on dress with her neckline where her waistline should be. I almost wince, but manage to hold it back in time. Why is it that some women think near-nudity is sexy? Sure, a little cleavage, a little thigh maybe… but a little mystery is nice, too. Truthfully, she looks like a five-dollar whore in that outfit….

"Tell your employer thank you, but I'm waiting for someone."

His face is a stony mask when he walks back to her table. He whispers something to her… oh, to be a fly on the wall! I'll bet she's not used to being refused….

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