Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Well at least with sniffing, they know  who is holding them even if they are not sleeping. If they are like most young, they will not want strangers to touch them."

Stoney touches Tomas' fist and the little boy latches onto his finger, pulling it to his face. His eyes dart between his parents and Tomas gurgles. He turns his head making a distressed sound, Stoney moves so Tomas can see Tara. As soon as his eyes meet hers, he settles down, reaching out to touch his sister.

"I think, mon Chaton, that our son has a very protective nature. More so where his sister is concerned."

Both babies stare over their parents' shoulders.  Turning, they see a sylph waiting quietly. She points out the window to a cloaked figure heading for the cottage. It pauses and the figure pushes back its hood.

Silk looks up at the sky smiling at the softly falling snow. Her dark hair is dusted in white as she moves on. A soft tap on the door soon announces her arrival.

Alise hands Tomas to Stoney. Silk shakes the snow from her hair as Alise opens the door. "Up for a little company, Alise? I am not interrupting anything am I?"

"Non, non, of course you are welcome."

Silk hangs her cloak by the door, and follows Alise into the warm living room. Both babies track her with their eyes, inhaling deeply. Tomas blinks slowly, not letting her out of his sight. Tara looks between her parents, her mind touching theirs.

Silk stops close to Stoney and smiles. "Si Tomas. I am more than I seem. Ask Papa, he will tell you if I am friend or not."

Tara watches Silk as Stoney assures her. Her hands reach, waiting to be held by the new person. Tomas watches quietly, a frown on his face as Silk holds his sister.

"I can feel them talking to each other. You will have your hands full, my friends." She smiles at Tomas. "It is alright little man. I am only getting to know your sister."

She hands Tara to Alise and holds her arms out for Tomas. The moment Stoney puts him in her arms, Tomas touches her. She laughs aloud.

"Si... I am draconi, like Uncle Josi."

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