Wednesday, January 26, 2011

As Stoney heads into the living room he hears someone singing. He sees Alise looking out the window at the snow holding Tara. She is singing 'Somewhere', the song he sang to her when she was captured to keep her spirits up and to let her know he would find her no matter what. He starts to sing softy with her and she turns to look at him and smiles.

Bon soir mon amour. I love this song, even after everything. It is beautiful.”

“More beautiful when you sing it. It suits your voice much better than mine.” Stoney kisses her and takes Tara from her.

Alise moves to Tomas' cradle and picks him up. “Come join the family little man. I am sure you will want to eat again soon.” Tomas snuggles in Alises arms, turns his head and sniffs at her upper arm.

Mon dieu, look Chiot, he is sniffing too. What else are they going to do that I dont know about? You said wings and such would not happen until much later. Is there anything else I need to know?”

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