Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We gather up our clothes, throw robes on and hurry to my room. Once the door is locked, we dump the clothes in the nearest chair, shrug off the robes and move to the bed. Gareth has gone from looking almost-dead to looking stunned; I don't imagine he expected any of this when he woke up this morning.

Well, it's an improvement....

We pile onto the bed with Raina in the middle. Gareth has recovered sufficiently that he's not bashful about staring at our nakedness - not that either Raina or I has any trouble staring at him. He is, after all, a damn good-looking guy….

There's much talking and snuggling and kissing while we recover from the shower. This town is amazing; since I've been back, I've gone from caring for no one to caring for three people - Raina, Alise and now Gareth. It feels strange, but good.

As we talk, the touching becomes more intimate. Raina has a cock in either hand, stroking slowly while Gareth and I kiss and lick and suck at her breasts. She moans quietly as our hands glide over her soft skin. Now and again, Gareth or I will lean across her to kiss each other, then return to pleasuring her.

By and by Gareth kisses his way down her body to the rounded curve of her hip and across to her inner thigh. She moans quietly, feeling my hands and mouth on her breasts, Gareth's working toward her center. His hair trails over her skin as he moves nearer and nearer to her pussy. Raina jerks and moans as he kisses and licks, nipping now and again; then he kisses her pussy and she throws her head back with a deep heartfelt groan. I smile as I watch Gareth sample her juices for the first time. The expression on his face is that of a wine connoisseur sampling a rare vintage. Her legs open wider, giving him freer access to her bounty and he takes full advantage of the privilege. His tongue delves deep, his thumb gently rubbing her swollen clit in circles. I almost have to hold her down as the elf eats her, his face glazed with her wetness.

Raina's voice goes through a whole range of sounds and volumes and I find myself hoping - not for the first time - that these rooms are soundproof. Not that either Raina or I gives a damn who hears us, but it's just common courtesy not to disturb others. Perhaps we should think about finding a place of our own…? I'll have to talk to Raina about it.


Now I follow Gareth's path down the other side of her body, kissing and licking, caressing and nipping. When I arrive at her inner thigh, Gareth moves over and I take over, licking her lips and sucking them, Gareth slowly eases two fingers inside her and her wailing goes up a notch, her hips jerking, rocking, I shove my tongue deep and flutter it inside her. The sounds she's making now bear no resemblance to speech in any language I've ever heard. I back up a little and now Gareth and I take turns licking her, our tongues occasionally touching. Raina's back arches, her voice rises in a scream and she cums explosively and repeatedly. Gareth and I continue to lick her, more gently now, easing her down… until the last ripple has worked its way up her spine and she lies limp and spent.

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