Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two of us have been catching our breath; the third doesn't need to. I look over at Raina, hoping for a sign that she hasn't changed her mind about Gareth.

Doesn't look like she has... It's not just the sexual attraction that's obvious, it's the compassion that flits over her face every time she looks at him.

I've been thinking about that myself, when I haven't been cumming my brains out... Raina and I can't replace Conal; we just can't. It's going to take time for Gareth to come to terms with what happened, and all we can do is to be there for him if he needs us, and not just sexually.

He needs to talk about it, and we'll be there to listen when he feels the need, but it's not something that can be forced. We just have to keep hammering at it: none of what happened was his fault. It's Morgan and Morgan alone who's to blame.

So to that end, if he needs help to bring the bitch down, he can count on me; and I'll bet, on Raina, too.

He looks more relaxed now than he has since I've known him. His breathing comes slowly, like a tired, peaceful child's, and his expression, while still sad, doesn't bespeak the anguish it showed hours earlier. I lean over Raina, sandwiched between us, and draw my fingers over his chest, teasing a nipple. He doesn't quite jerk, but almost; and then my fingers trail across Raina's breasts, tugging at her nipples as well.

She grins. "I ought to call you Eveready. Are you trying to turn someone on or something?"

I grin wolfishly and nod.

She nudges Gareth's shoulder. "Have you ever seen this pervert when he's all vamped out? It's hard to know whether he's scary or sexy or both when he's like that - though I'm not real fond of the paper-white skin."

Gareth manages a slow smile. "He has other attractions," he says slyly.

"You mean this?," Raina grins, and she tugs on my cock so that my punk 'do nearly straightens. Gareth just grins.

"What is this, Pick on the Vampire Day?," I demand.

"Actually," Gareth says with a straight face, "I thought it was Lick on the Vampire Day."

"Well, then get on with it, dammit!"

Raina and I switch places. Now I'm the middle of the sandwich, and there are four hands and two mouths exploring every part of me. They kiss and lick and suck and I don't think they miss a square inch between them. My cock is pulsing as Raina strokes it gently, Gareth kissing and licking my balls; then Raina cups my balls and Gareth sucks my cock. It goes on and on and on, with me twitching and jerking and moaning and wailing, awash in pleasure, every cell of my body overloaded with it.

Raina climbs on top of my cock, riding me while Gareth kneels behind her, cupping her breasts, tugging and pinching at her nipples, kissing and licking and sucking and biting her neck. She groans and her fingers tangle in his hair as she rides me, my cock throbbing, full to bursting. I can't take my eyes off either of them… my gods, they're so gorgeous, and they look so fucking hot together!

Gareth's cock is standing hard and full against her back while he mauls her tits with his hands. She drives down on me again and again, hard and ruthless in her lust, yet caring; and the look on her face - and on his - as she fucks me is the straw that broke the vampire's back. I roar and blast inside her, molten heat filling her, drenching her, godssssss…!

She rises up off me and grab's Gareth's cock, tugs him back to the edge of the bed. She falls to her knees in front of him and I join her. I give Gareth an evil grin as Raina begins to lick his cock, moving from the base to the head and back again. I tug and tease and caress his balls and then Raina points his cock at me. "Here. I've never seen you do this. Let's see how good you are."

I take it as a challenge and poor Gareth is just a visual aid as I do my damnedest to drive him insane with my mouth. I drag short, hot licks up his shaft, swirl my tongue around the head, dart the tip of my tongue into the slit, and drag my tongue slowly down the underside. Raina kisses his thighs and his balls and basically anywhere I'm missing while I take his hard shaft in my mouth and slowly take him in. It's been a while, but I guess it's true - some things you never forget.

I move my mouth down his cock, licking and sucking, until the head presses against the back of my throat. I hold him there, licking slowly around the shaft - then open my throat and swallow. His hips jerk and he fucks his cock into my throat. This is one of those times it's handy not to have to breathe…. I pull back up just as slowly and halfway there I begin to rake his shaft with my teeth. He looks up quickly - probably making sure I haven't vamped out. I wink at him and swirl my tongue around the head again, then release it with a pop. I let my eyes go red then and he jumps. I laugh and pass him back to Raina. "Your turn."

I envy him then, because Raina uses my favorite technique, one that I could never master. Her lips are so soft, so gentle, her mouth so hot and wet… she takes him in deep, teasing and licking and sucking, licking his balls, his cock, teasing his shaft with her tongue… her eyes soft and full of caring. Somehow the emotion becomes a part of her technique and I feel so loved when she does this… and now Gareth is feeling it, too. His eyes are slitted, he's moaning softly, looking like the sculpture of a Greek god, but hot flesh instead of marble.

Raina releases him from her mouth. "Come… let's share…."

It becomes a free-for-all then, licking and sucking and nipping and biting and kissing… We kiss with Gareth's hardness between us, and he moans lustily, seeming more alive now than ever. I try to let him feel that this isn't just a pity fuck - we care about him, feel for his loss. My mouth plays with him, teases him, takes him to the edge, and Raina does the same on the other side. My voice is hoarse yet soft when I tell him, "It's okay, Gareth… it's okay to enjoy this… just let yourself feel…" and he does, groaning and writhing, his head thrown back, tears running down his face freely… Raina's voice is a throaty purr… "Let it go, Gareth… let us please you… cum for us, baby… don't hold back….". I stand, wrap my arms around him and hold him tight - Raina takes him deep and swallows him down - and he screams, a scream of pain and rage and pleasure all intertwined and he cums and cums and cums….

Afterwards, Gareth is weak as a kitten; so Raina and I hold each other close and kiss, sharing the remnants of him… His eyes are wet, watching us. Is he thinking of Conal now? Will he ever be able to reconcile himself to Conal's death?

Maybe… if he can avenge his lover… maybe then, someday, somehow, he'll find peace.

We share a slow three-way kiss, and then Raina and I hoist Gareth to his feet and march him to the shower. The cleanup is perfunctory at best; we're all desperately tired - but happy.

I hope….

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