Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pandora is a little taken aback as Rowan leaves... "Obsidian, did you hear her, just three weeks... we haven't gotten the nursery finished; and I still need to stock up on clothes and necessities." She listens patiently while he tells her they'll get it done... but she must pace herself. Pandora doubts she can slow her mind.... her hands on her belly. she talks to Chloe. "Little one, you'll be joining us soon, but don't rush... mama needs to get things ready." She had decided to paint the nursery lavender... but that was as traditional as she was going to get... she was paying tribute to Chloe's dragon heritage by using cute dragon motifs for her accessories in shades of greens from lime to forest and lots of splashes of bright color.

She looked  lovingly at Ob, "Josephito, we will be parents before you know it... our little symbol of love will be in her daddy's arms as soon as she is born... I can hardly wait !"

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