Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watching the snow flakes drift down outside the window, Star lays quietly next to Erik, her thoughts racing even though her body is perfectly relaxed. Rowan and Raina were right, this is so different from what happened before, like night and day. I wish I could stay right here forever....

Tipping her head she kisses Erik and runs her hands up and down his back. She stops suddenly, feeling the scratches her nails left in the wake of their passion.

“EriK! I am so ss...sorry... I didnt mean to....” she is embarrassed and at a loss for words, feeling terrible at what she had done.

He smiles, “Its okay, just scratches... take a closer look and you'll see some real scars."

Star smiles shyly but looks at Eriks back, crisscrossed with many scars, some big, some small. She lets her finger trace slowly over the largest, wide and raised, running the length of his back and over a hip. “Where did this come from?” she asks.

Erik replies, "A big cat, not much smaller than Tiger. This overlord used it to keep people in line... piss him off, he'd throw you to the cat. No weapons, just bare hands."

“Raina has so many scars too.” Star sighs, “There is so much I dont know about you...”

Elskan min, all you have to do is ask me. I'll tell you anything you want to know...” at her puzzled look he translates for her, “Elskan min, it means sweetheart.”

Star smiles as her fingers resume their exploring. Her fingers trace a smaller scar than the one on his back, but still large, that snakes up his inner thigh. “And this one?”, her fingers moving slower, teasing, curiosity mixed with desire..

Erik grins. "That one was the gift of a jealous woman with a poisoned dagger. She didn't approve of me making time with her girlfriend. She missed her target, though."

Star isnt upset and she starts to laugh. “I am glad her aim was not so good..” her hand slowly reaches his upper thigh and moves to cup his balls. “I dont have many girlfriends and one of them is your sister, so I dont think I have to carry a dagger with me..”

Erik relaxes, enjoying her touch, wanting to tell her she has no need for a dagger on his account, but completely loses his thoughts when her hand moves from his balls to his cock. The slow stroking and gentle tugging unlike any of his previous encounters.

Star feels him getting harder and throbbing in her hand. She presses her body against his, wanting, needing. When he starts to kiss her breasts, she moans, his mouth getting more demanding, making her wet and hot.

Rolling over on top of her and holding himself up on his elbows, Erik starts to kiss Stars neck when he realizes she has gone still. It only lasts a second or two, but long enough for it to register and for him to think, Oh shit, I didnt think...this position might frighten her...

“Star, I can move....we dont have to....”

“No, Erik, its fine.” and her eyes go from red to purple and she smiles up at him. “It was only a mm..moment...please dont stop...” and Star wraps her legs around Eriks upper thighs, thinking to keep him from rolling away from her. As he starts to kiss her, her legs move up over his hips and she inadvertently pulls him deep into her. She gasps and bucks, her pussy grabbing hard, making Erik moan and push deeper.

Erik slows his thrusts, pushing deep but unhurried, determined to show Star how much he feels for her. She bucks hard with each thrust, enjoying the sensations, the feeling of fullness and the look on Eriks face.

Erik can feel that she is close, her body starts to tremble, then shake. He holds himself back, whispering close to her face, “Let it go, cum for me baby...cum...”

Star's control utterly gives way. The waves of pleasure are intense, leaving her gasping and breathless. Eriks release rocks them both in its fierceness, he calls out her name as he explodes and fills her to overflowing.

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