Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I sit down on the couch next to her, feeling the warmth soak into me. "Let's get you warmed up. C'mere."

She scoots up into my lap readily enough and I wrap my arms around her, hold her close. With a little effort, I get the makeshift icepack strapped into place, then throw a blanket over us. She shivers a little till my body heat starts to thaw her out a bit, then she smiles and presses her body tight against me.

We start kissing, naturally enough… we've been doing that a lot lately, and Star initiates it as often as I do. Her lips are soft, her breath is sweet and her body against mine is utterly relaxed. If you'd told me things could be like this a month ago, I'd never have believed it.

Star kisses me playfully, her lips plucking lingeringly at mine, her fingers tracing my throat. I wonder if she knows the reaction she's causing? Our tongues play and I stroke her throat with the back of my hand. She moans, grinds her soft little body against mine unconsciously. Her lips move to my throat and she licks and nips all the way up to my earlobe.

Her top is a little big for her and I can see quite a bit of cleavage without really trying - not that I wouldn't try. I am male, after all, and Star is the woman I love. She leans back with a little gasp and I fasten my lips to her throat. She moans, almost purring as I kiss her, and her neckline gapes open. Her nipples are still hard, and this time I can tell because I can see nearly to her navel.

I kiss softly, using my tongue, biting occasionally, lapping at the soft skin of her throat and she responds in kind, arching her sweet body into mine. There's no way she can't know the effect she's having on me, not if she's paying attention at all. I'm hard and throbbing beneath her thigh. I ease a hand under the loose edge of her top to caress her belly and she moans… I lift her slightly, repositioning her so that her legs fall to either side of my waist and she can press even more tightly against me.

My hands move up her back, stroking… then drawing my nails lightly down, almost to her waist. She shivers, kissing my mouth fiercely now. My hands cup her sides, just above her hips and I slowly glide them back up beneath her top. feeling hot bare flesh. She presses her breasts hard against my chest, her nipples hard little points. I take her mouth as my hands move up and down, moving inward to the front of her, kissing her passionately. "Gods, I love you," I groan. "Are you okay with this, or should I back off?"

"No, Erik," she moans. "Don't stop… please don't stop." Her eyes are a soft purple. "Please… show me how to make love…."

It feels for a second like I've been kicked in the gut, a flash of genuine fear. I have to make this good for her, I have to! "Are you sure?," I say, my throat tight with emotion.

"Yes… oh gods, please, Erik… I love you… I'm sure… I want you."

I bury my lips in the flesh of her throat and slowly raise her top, exposing more of her soft skin. Her breasts are just average size, but her nipples are hard and stiff, seeming to pulse in time with her heavy breathing. I lower my head and take one in my mouth, licking slowly, tenderly… she gives a long, throaty sigh as I suck, my hand squeezing and caressing her other breast. Her body relaxes utterly, her surrender plain. My nostrils flare as I catch the scent of arousal. My hand glides beneath the blanket. There's nothing underneath but her and I touch her, letting her feel my hand moving lower….

She removes her top and I take my shirt off. I pile some blankets on the floor, just between the couch and the fire; then I pick her up, carry her to the improvised bed, kissing her all the way.

She watches as I lose my jeans and then lower my boxers. This is the part that has had me worried; if she's going to bolt, it will be now.

But she doesn't. A strange smile steals over her face and she lies there, waiting, her legs easing apart, welcoming… her body like a feast laid out for me.

"I love you, Star."

"Love me, Erik."

I kiss her… and kiss her… and kiss her, my lips running the length of her body. Never until now have I noticed how lean she is, but she's not hard. Her body is soft and lush, her skin has a sweet, natural taste. She writhes as my lips move over her breasts… her belly… over her hips, down her legs to her ankles. Then I move up again, kissing and licking at the back of her knees. Her legs part further and the scent of her inflames my senses. I kiss and lick the insides of her thighs until she bucks against me, whimpering…. My voice is husky. "I'm going to eat you now, love."

Does she know what I mean? No matter, she will in a minute….

I press my lips to hers and begin to lick… slowly, lovingly, taking my time. She moans and sighs and her thighs move further apart, opening to me… She tastes so good, her wetness on my tongue, my hands gripping her hips loosely, keeping my mouth glued to her center. Her hips buck and suddenly her legs wrap around my neck, pull me in tight. Her voice is so soft I can't understand what she's saying or even if it's English. She must like it though, because her hips are pile-driving against my face… I snake my tongue inside her, explore her sweetness, everywhere I can reach. She gasps, her hips jerking, her wetness bathing my mouth… gods, she tastes so good! Her hands are at her breasts, clutching, squeezing, all unconscious of what she's doing. I flick my tongue against her G-spot and she groans. Then I capture her swollen clit between my lips... I lick and suck, raking her pretty clit gently with my teeth and Star goes utterly wild, gasping, moaning, crying, hips thrashing… she jerks against my face, again, again, cumming for perhaps the first time and I stay on tip of her, licking and sucking and teasing the last iota of passion from her - until she lies limp and languid against the pillows, her body sheened lightly with perspiration.

I move up beside her while she catches her breath. She moves into me, clutches me like a drowning man will clutch a broken spar. She's still gasping and her eyes are a regular kaleidoscope. I wait it out, one hand at the middle of her back, the other stroking her hair.

She grinds her body tight against mine, but I don't dare make the obvious assumption, not with Star. I kiss her lovingly and then speak, my voice just above a whisper. "Are you all right?" It sounds idiotic, but I have to know that this didn't waken the memory of that terrible day before I go any farther with this.

Her eyes are wide, whirling with color. "Is it always like this?," she asks breathlessly, and I curse myself for nine different kinds of fool. What does she mean by that? Is it always - what? this good? this bad? this terrifying?

She kisses me - fast, deep, hungry kisses, like she's trying to eat me alive. Her hands move up my back, pull me tighter, like she's trying to merge with me.

I find my voice, and a safe answer. "Not always," I say truthfully. "Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse." I give her a pale imitation of my usual grin. "What did you think of it?"

"B-b-better?" Her smile is radiant, warm as a summer's day. "I can't even i-i-imagine better." She lays her head against my chest and practically purrs as I stroke her hair. I caress the pointed tips of her ears and she shivers and grinds her body against mine.

After a moment she raises her head and gives me that smile again. "I love you, Erik… so much…." Is it my imagination, or is she stuttering less? She runs a warm hand over my hip and leg, pulls me closer still. I cautiously glide my fingers down her back, over the soft rounded curve of her ass. She purrs some more, writhing against me. She raises her leg, drapes it over my hip, pulls me tighter. My throbbing cock is lined up perfectly with her pussy… all it would take is for me to move forward, just slightly at this point….

I can't. I can't take that chance. Not with Star. Not after what happened to her.

She must be sensing the turmoil in me, for she looks me full in the eyes and says without a hint of stutter, "I'm not afraid, Erik. I want this. I want it as much as you do.

Love me, please."


I cup her ass in one palm and slowly bring us together. Star does the same, moving into me as I move into her. She takes my length smoothly, with the most blissful expression on her face, until she's taken everything I have to give.

Gods, she's wet, and tight, and hot! She clutches me and her lips find mine. It's as though I've found the wellspring of her passion, for now she goes wild, rocking against me, taking me deep, moaning, gasping, kissing me hard, her nails dragging along my back, digging in… She rides me hard and I just hang on for the ride… gods, the pent-up passion she's unleashed! It's like a dam has burst and swept her away with the flood. I'm not going to be able to last, not like this… I try everything I know to hold back, but this is Star, and I can't - I just can't.

I let go with a yell that echoes my Viking heritage all the way down the ages and explode inside her. It sets her off and she cums, clutching my cock, squeezing, all but wringing it out. She rides me and rides me and rides me, moaning, working my cock, taking everything I have and working for more….

She freezes suddenly, her back arched like a bow, her mouth open, gaping, but no sound emerging, like a silent scream…

and then she relaxes, goes limp against me, all except her arms. She holds me tight, her grip fierce; there are tears in her eyes, running freely down her cheeks. "Thank you, Erik, oh gods, thank you, thank you… I love you so much, thank you…."

"Oh, Star..." I can't speak for a moment. My skin feels alight, hot and tingling. My heart pulses and aches with tenderness for this lovely little changeling girl. "Oh sweet Star, I love you, too... so very much...."

That's all I know to say. I hold her close and hope that she can feel what I feel, know that I love her now and that I will love her forever.

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