Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I let my arms go around Gareth, pull him just a little closer, then kiss him. It's a completely innocuous kiss at first, but his lips are soft and warm, and he moans softly as my lips caress his. His body is hot, too, and I slide a hand beneath his t-shirt, caressing his flat stomach. He kisses harder now, with a fierce hunger, his tongue plundering my mouth. I capture his tongue between my teeth and suck gently while I work his shirt off, leaving it bunched up around his neck, then removing it entirely as I briefly break the kiss. His body is hard and chiseled and he moans into my mouth as I caress his chest, pinching his nipples lightly.

Raina is watching, smiling, that wicked smile that I love so well. Unseen by Gareth, she blows me a kiss and watches as I unbutton his jeans, unzip them. My hand slides slowly down and I scoop him out. He's hard and throbbing in my hand, a good nine inches and correspondingly thick. I stroke him lightly, then squeeze his shaft. He groans and his lips move to my throat.

I work his jeans down his hips and let them fall. He steps out of them and his lips find my neck again, kissing, sucking and biting. I pull away and smile at him, caressing his ass now. "Hey, who's the vampire here?"

"Wh-what?" His face is flushed; he's just now realized that Raina has been watching all this time. It lasts only for a second; I grab his ass and a handful of his cock and stroke him hard. I can feel the pulse pounding in the big vein along the shaft. His eyes roll up and he moans before I kiss him again, hard.

I look over at Raina. "Didn't you say something about a shower?"

She takes the hint and slowly begins to undress, making a show of it for Gareth's benefit. He watches as she unties her halter, lets it drop. Her nipples are hard and I can scent her arousal.

She cups her tits in her hands, as if offering them to him. Her hands glide down her sides and one hand works the button of the jeans. The zipper makes a soft ripping sound as she slides it slowly down. With a series of slow, liquid movements, her jeans make their way to the floor. Gareth's cock jumps in my hand as he looks at her.

She walks unhurriedly to the bathroom, letting him look all he wants. Her voice is pure seduction when she says, "You can join me if you like...." Then she's gone, her gorgeous ass disappearing inside the door and we hear the shower start.

I let Gareth's cock slip from my hand, and without taking my eyes off him, pull my t-shirt over my head. I work at my belt, watching his reaction. "Why don't you take her up on it? We have all night...." He stands irresolute for a moment, then heads for the bathroom with a more confident step.

I finish stripping and turn on my vamp hearing....

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