Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walking the path to the cottage Star isnt nervous. She likes other women, and she likes helping Rowan with her work. She sees several sylphs going about their business and a dwarf peeking out from behind a stump. So many creatures stay here, I wonder why? When the cottage is in sight Star stops dead in her tracks. There is the biggest black cat Star has ever seen sunning itself on the doorstep. She glances at Rowan who catches the quick change in her eyes to red, then to orange, her fear turning to confusion having never seen a panther before. And of all times for Panther to decide she needs to yawn, now she does, showing her large white teeth, glistening in the sun.

Star whispers “Will it eat me?”

Her words startle Rowan since she rarely speaks. Rowan tries not to laugh, “No, she is friendly and will not eat you. She is like any other cat only a bit bigger. She belongs to Raina, a friend of Alises and spends a lot of time here.”

Right then the door opens and Alise tries to come outside but Panther does not want to move. She finally steps over the big cat holding up her jeans with one hand since she cant zip them, her t-shirt barely covering the fact.

Star starts to giggle in that strange whispery way she has, and smiles at Alise when they are introduced. Her eyes changing from gray to yellow and back again. She drops her gaze when Alise stares at her.

She jumps when she feels Alises hand on her cheek, “Please dont look away. It only startled me for a moment. Your eyes are beautiful.. Mine are boring, same old color all the time. Do you want to come meet Panther?” With Stars hesitant nod, Alise takes her hand and leads her to the big cat who is still stretched out in the sun.

Rowan hangs back a bit and watches. Well, so far so good. You wouldnt even notice that one of them isnt speaking from a distance, they seem to be communicating just fine.

Star is laughing silently at Panther, her whiskers tickling as she sniffs up the girls arm. Panther stops and looks at Star as she starts to pet her big head. Star is able to discern animals thoughts, she is not quite sure how she does it nor could she explain how it works to someone who doesnt do it as well. She finds out that Alise is not Panthers mistress but that she has been asked to guard her, which she doesnt mind since she loves her almost as much as her mistress. Panther also reassures Star that she wont eat her. Star smiles and looks up to see Alise watching them. She looks like she knows. And she is not running away scared or calling me a freak...

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