Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Rowan catches up to the girls and asks Alise if she can check her back and her hip before she has to leave. Alise leads them into the cottage and settles herself on the couch near the fireplace. “I always seem to be cold since I got back home. Its like I cant get warmed up.”

Rowan sits down and lifts the back of Alises t-shirt. “Your back looks really good. Only a few faint marks and no swelling. But this hip, I brought something new to try on it. Something I spelled a bit if thats okay with you.”

Alise nods, “Whatever you think is best. It really hurts sometimes.”

Star sits next to Alise and leans back to see her back and hip. She looks at Rowan and wrinkles her forehead as if to ask what happened. Rowan answers slowly, not sure how much to say, “It was something similar to what happened to you Star. Stoney found her and saved her before it could get any worse.”

It takes a minute for Alise to realize what Rowan has just said. Turning towards Star she says “You too? This has happened to you too? Mon Dieu, come here. I am so sorry....” and she puts her arm around Star. “Is this why you dont talk so much?”

Rowan holds her breath. Star is either going to bolt or be comfortable enough with Alise that the question is okay to ask.

But Star doesnt run. She sits close to Alise, her gray eyes darkening with sadness for both of them. She slowly nods her head.

Alise leans close, “But its all right, either way, I dont mind. It helps me to talk to Stoney and Raina, if I am scared or sad then they know what is wrong. You can talk to me if you want, or not at all if it makes you feel worse. We can still be friends if you talk or not.”

As Rowan finishes up with Alises hip she notices Stars shy smile and her eyes lightening in color. Rowan asks Alise about the shopping trip with Ike. “You need to ask Ike about getting some pants with a drawstring. You cant run around holding your pants up for the next couple of months.”

Laughing Alise says, “I know. I will ask her.” and she turns to Star, “There are some new kittens in the cemetery, would you like to see them?”

Star smiles and nods, her eyes sparkling blue. As they stand Alise looks to Rowan who shakes her head. “I am going to just sit and take a break if you dont mind. It was a long night last night and really late by the time I got Jack back home. You guys go on, I'll wait.” Watching the pair through the window as they head down the path Rowan smiles, I dont know what I was worried about. Alise is accepting of almost everyone. I just hope Stoney doesnt scare her....

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