Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The next afternoon Rowan is walking the short distance through the woods to Stars small cabin. As she comes out of the woods into a clearing, she sees Star, white blonde hair sparkling in the sun, letting a bird go. She is smiling and her normally pale grey eyes are shining blue with happiness. Her and her animals. I wonder what she will think of Panther?

“Star! Hi....its me...” as soon as Star sees who it is, she runs to Rowan and throws her arms around her. Rowan returns the hug, kissing the top of her head. “How are you?” and Star responds by smiling and taking Rowans hand and pulling her towards the garden.

As they walk along the path, Rowans mind goes back to the night she found Star, beaten, raped and left to die in the forest. I must have passed this cabin close by a million times, its on the way to our circle, and never noticed it. But that night had been foggy and Rowan had gone a little off her usual course on the way back to her cottage. She had almost stumbled over Star laying on the ground. The Goddess must have been guiding my steps that night, Star would surely have died had I not found her when I did. Her body healed quickly, but she stopped talking. Rowan thought she was probably a quiet person to begin with and after the ordeal she had survived it wasnt surprising that she wouldnt want to talk about it. But Star didnt talk about anything, she had only uttered a few sentences and phrases, nothing more. There was no physical reason for the silence as far as Rowan could tell. When Rowan asked her if she wanted to go back to the fae, Star had shook her head vehemently. Star refused to answer any more questions and Rowan had let it go, thinking that maybe things would resolve themselves. But that was over a year ago, Star was still here and still speaking only rarely. And as far as Rowan knew, no one had come looking for her either.

The garden was nearly bare, ready for winter. Star had some bundles of herbs that had been hung to dry and wanted Rowan to take some. Rowan smiles her thanks and Star leads her inside and starts water boiling for tea.

Rowan tells Star a little about Alise and that she is expecting twins that are a mix of human and gargoyle. Stars eyes echo her curiosity by turning yellow and to a clear bright blue when Rowan asks if she would help with the delivery. Star happily nods her head and reaches for her cell phone. She keys in when? and shows it to Rowan.

Smiling Rowan asks “When can you meet her or when are the babies coming?”

Star nods to both questions and they both laugh, although Stars laugh is more like a whisper, so soft it would make a person wonder what they actually heard.

Rowan replies, “We can go this afternoon and meet Alise if you want. Stoney will be resting then, but you dont have to be scared of him. He is very nice. And the babies, well, thats the kicker. Mixed gargoyle babies develop faster, so the pregnancy is shorter. The best we can determine is early January, but twins more often than not arrive early sooo” , and Rowan shrugs, “We cant really be certain. I should get going, I have a few things to do before we go to meet Alise. Can you come down to my place in a couple hours and we can go from there...?”

Star nods, her expression and blue eyes indicate to Rowan that she is happy and looking forward to the meeting.

On the walk back to her cabin Rowan ponders Star and her background. She is obviously part fae, the pointed ears are pretty much a dead giveaway. But the eyes? I dont know of any race of human, supernaturals, animals, anything that has eyes that change like that. She doesnt seem to have the allergy to metal that the fae have. The cell phone doesnt seem to bother her, or the tools she uses in the garden. Her hair is so blonde its almost white, unlike the fae, but very pretty and tiny, again resembling the fae. Rowan sighs, Unless she starts talking more and is willing to tell anyone what she knows it is almost impossible to figure out exactly what she is or where she came from. Maybe Mortuis would have some idea, Goddess knows I dont.

As she walks slowly back to her cabin, enjoying the fall day, and the crunch of the leaves underfoot, she says a quick prayer to the Goddess asking her to watch out for Star, Alise and the babies..... everyone around here is due for some happy times.....

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