Wednesday, January 26, 2011

He stood deep in the shadows and watched the rutting Viking giant and his woman... their stamina was unexpected. He found himself becoming aroused by their lust and moans; it had been many long years since he had sought out female companionship. He slid his hand down and was surprised at the erection under his cloak... he unbuttoned his pants and released the organ and gripped himself... he watched as the couple fucked repeatedly... stroking himself as he became increasingly entwined with the scene taking place in the snow just yards away... they seemed to find new and more arousing positions as they followed their lust.

Finally he could not hold back and he let the semen fall from his organ onto the snow at his feet. He had been watching the lifestyle of this new age; and although he didn't like the rush of people that seemed to buzz everywhere, he did like the open promiscuous attitude of the women... such easy targets for him... independent and on their own.

He was thinking of venturing out among the people; and to do that he needed to gorge himself for several days on as much human blood as he could to revive the look of his youth, he would draw too much attention in his current wrinkled state.

He decided to move on to another area of the park while the couple was still engaged in their activities... he still was experiencing an intense sexual yearning and decided he would find someone to use in releasing it. A mile or so from where he started he chanced upon a young woman crossing into the college grounds and so swift was he that he had tackled her and torn her pants from her body before she realized it was a sexual attack. He had supernatural strength and he picked her up and sprinted deep within the woods surrounding the school.

When he felt safe he stopped and threw her to the ground... he ripped her top off and used it to gag her mouth so she could not scream... getting intense pleasure from the terrified look on her face as he fondled her breasts... he moved one hand lower while he held her wrists above her head with the other. He found the mound of her womanhood and took great pleasure in thrusting his finger within her while she struggled... soon he added another and pushed them deep within, encouraging the juices of her cunt to flow without her approval. He still had his member outside his pants and it had swollen to a sizable cock, he dropped his pants to his knees and positioned himself to thrust into her... both hands now holding her wrists as she struggled desperately. He entered her with a deep thrust; forgetting how good the feeling was... he bent to her neck with his mouth... his fetid breath causing her to gag. He bit down and drew blood into his mouth... it was not a killing bite to the jugular... he wanted to play with this one for now... within minutes the toxin in his saliva did its job and the intoxication of the girl began... the sensuous feeling began to attack her senses; she began to thrust her hips back when he drove into her... and when he suckled at her breasts and bit them she moaned in lust at the feeling.

Ahhh,yes... he would become the virile young man he had been, once again... he was feeling the power that he had once used to seduce women and gain their blood on his terms. He was reaching a peak... and despite herself the girl was ready to cum... she was completely naked now... laying in the cold snow... and he relaxed his hold on her as he felt the semen rush from him. In an instant the girl had slipped from beneath him and running just feet away she dropped down and turned into a wolf... her eyes glaring at him as she turned, running off at a fast pace.

He was taken aback for a moment... and by then she was long gone. A shifter... he wasn't aware there was a community of them within the area... it confirmed in his mind that he needed to return to the ways of old , using the art of seduction. There was no way he would find prey in this park now that she would warn them.

He decided if he was to gorge himself... he should head down to skid row... there were many there that would never be missed and he would not draw attention in his peculiar clothing, many wore whatever they could find....

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