Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Traeger takes advantage of Star's expedition with Eric and slides close to Rowan.... "You're mine alone, for a few minutes anyway" he murmurs as he gathers her in his arms and kisses her; breaking the kiss just long enough to gaze in her eyes and see her acceptance... before he lowers his head to capture her mouth again.

Traeger is finding her addictive, he looks for her coming each day... enjoying her tales of her work, and finding her more and more beautiful as he explores the depths of her personality... there are things to be said for having survived the crisis of walking the earth a few years...she has a lot of compassion and understands pain. They share their views on worship and are kindred spirits in the realm of the Gods.....

Silk's need of him draws him away from the moment, but Rowan understands the need of such things... and together with Ob, Stoney and the girls he is soon engrossed in the plan for the impostor sword . He remembers it well,and with Ob's sketch to guide him he sees no problem... "How soon do you need it?...it will take perhaps a day or two...and I must cast the magick at specific times during its creation." Traeger looks to Silk... "Will this work, do you think you will apprehend the hunter?" He looks to Ob and Pandy and says... "I have a very personal interest in keeping this gargoyle alive... he is the father of my grandchild to be." He can see Silk exchange looks with Ob... and he knows how deeply she feels for her kin, she will do all that is possible .

"So; I am going to adjourn to my shop, and find suitable steel... and start the workings, there are several metals that must be blended to mimic the appearance of "Allah's Light"... not to mention the fine crafting of the handle that will require skill and patience."

Turning to Silk he says... "Come tomorrow evening and I should be able to show you my progress; the spell will be the easy part for me... the metal is much more complicated, so I tackle it first."  Hugging Pandora and Ob, he gives a slight bow and smile to Silk and the others and returns to Rowan.

"Alas, my fair maiden, I am called to help in the slaying of a tyrant, and so must adjourn to my shop to work.".... he gathers her close and kisses her deeply... with passion... "I would rather lie beside you and explore your sweet nectars, but this is a matter of family and life or death... will you save yourself for me alone?... till I have completed my task?"

Her laughter and sweet smile tells him he need not worry.

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