Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stoney follows Alise down the stairs. The Fae seems to sense them. Her eyes track them as they cross the floor to Ob and Pandora. Ob is laughing, feeding small bits of spicy chicken to Pandora.

"You missed a wicked ass set, Bro." Ob motions in the direction of the fae with his head. "Don't think her Majesty appreciated it though. She looked like she swallowed something sideways. The guy with her seemed to find it fun, as long as firetop wasn't looking his way."

Stoney watches her out of the corner of his eyes, keeping Alise close, touching constantly. Guunnar pulls a chair close and raises a brow at the Fae.

"She ist Hunting, but fur vas, mein freundin?"

Stoney shakes his head. "She has an interest in the women here. If it was sexual, Silk would know, but she isn't picking that up. Her attention seems to focus on Alise and Pandora. THAT.. we don't like at all."

Stoney opens his mouth, then closes it. Keon isn't here with Guunnar, that means he is working. "Guunnar, can you get some thoughts from Keon, soon?"

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