Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I enter the Tavern looking for Traeger. He is sitting with Rowan and I am loathe to intrude, but I need his thoughts. The Adhene is keeping watch. Something tells us this is going to happen soon.

I send to my cousin. Cooza, I need to consult you and Traeger on a plan. Will you join us? Pandora is more than welcome to add her thoughts. She watches  as Pandora and Ob make their way over. Stoney and Alise following. I note that it also puts more room between them and the Fae who seems to have taken an unhealthy interest in them.

"Here is my question... Would it be possible for you, Traeger, to craft a replica of Allah's Light?" I hold up my hand before Ob can talk. "I know the only way you can draw the blade is to shift to Deamon. I am not proposing that. The prophecy says the Maker of Blades is more than he seems. I forgot that Traeger is also a Magic Wielder."

I grin at Traeger, the scales glinting in the tavern light. "So, Traeger... Do you think you can make a replica, and cast a spell, to mimic Allah's Light's abilities." I tap my fingers on the table top. "I am not allowed to ask aid of the Riders or Mortuis, but none of you are those. Part of the prophecy has been fulfilled... Ob is still Minstral. His Music has not ended. Now, we need to end this Hunt. I have no intention of letting Ob's child be fatherless by this cretin."

Paper and pencil are brought to Ob and he begins to sketch out the design and elegance of the sword. He turns Pandora's face to his, kissing her gently. His words brush against hers lips, a mere whisper of sound. She feels them more than hears them. "I will keep my promise for later."

His fingers fly over the sketch. Handing the paper to Traeger, he warns, "This is only a rough sketch. Do you think it is feasible?"

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