Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Tavern was due to open in a few hours and they were almost done getting ready. Tori had taken a tray up for Pandora. Ob was making her stay in bed a little longer today.

Keon had gotten a room for the day and requested a wakeup call. Ike taps on his door and the Fae opens it, stretching out a few kinks. His jeans are unbuttoned, meaning she interrupted him changing, or he had thrown them on to answer the door. Either way, it's a good look on him. Ike grins and curtsies.

"Top o' the Mornin', Keon. Tis almost five o'clock."

Ike fights hard to take her eyes off the lean muscles of his chest.


She looks up at his eyes. There is amusement dancing in his dark gaze.

"It is always a pleasure to be woken by a beautiful woman, but I think Monty would think ill of me if you dallied here." He smiles, reaching back to pull his hair over his shoulder. It hangs to his waist. Shrugging into a shirt, he asks if Guunnar stayed the night. Ike tells him he is just down the hall

With another glance at his still exposed chest, Ike bids him a good day and moves to the next room. She taps on the door and it drifts slightly open. Peeking in, she sees Gareth sound asleep on the bed. She gently closes the door, knowing the man would need time to absorb the news he got the night before. Morgan was a bitch... and the way she told him that his lover was dead.... Ike counted to ten and moved to the next door.

She tapped lightly, listening to the sound of groaning. Tapping again, Ike calls out her name. "Raina? Are you alright? How do you feel?"

The voice is indistinct, the words blurred. "I feel like a dragon sat on my head."

Ike opens the door and peeks in. "Your dragon sat on your head?"

The room is dark and Ike spies a hulking figure sleeping in a chair. Guunnar snorts in his sleep, waking himself. Spying Ike he nods to Raina and slips out of the room.

Raina sits up with a groan, holding her head. "No.. I feel like the damn thing sat on it."

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