Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stoney looks inward, making sure that there is no breach in the mental shield he had erected as soon as Pandora asked to talk. If any of his Kin looked now, they would see him thinking about curling up before a fire with Alise, letting her rest.

He stretches out his long legs, thinking carefully. Alise is radiating concern and he takes her hand, letting his mind stroke along hers. His voice is calm, thoughtful.

"Not telling Ob would be far worse than telling him. His People cherish children. Don't let his personal drama make you doubt him. Your little one has Deamon blood, but it comes through a half-breed. Ob loves children. He will find out that he is NOT like his father."

Stoney grins.

"I also think Ob isn't as against being a father as HE thinks."

He gets odd looks from both women. "Think about it. Ob has always been a playboy. He is not inexperienced by any measure. Yet," Stoney holds up one finger. "He has done nothing more with another woman than the usual flirting that is part of his band persona." He holds up another finger. "Has he used any protection?" and a third "Has he asked you to use protection?"

Stoney opens his mind, feeling Ob's touch. He is looking for Pandora, concerned that she disappeared. he lets Ob look through his eyes for a moment, just enough to see the women talking, but not hear their words.

She is just helping Alise relax after all the excitement of today.  I'll let her know you are looking for your Lady.

"Point in fact, *belles dames, he is missing his woman." Pandora's eyes widen in concern. "He does not know what we talked about. he just thinks you are helping Alise relax a bit. We should go back down. I think my Kin will be wondering where we are, and Silk is here as well."

*lovely ladies

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