Sunday, January 9, 2011

Raina excuses herself and goes to the table to sit with Star. Star smiles at her and immediately lifts her hand to Rainas upper arm, letting Panther sniff and runs her fingers over the black fur. Star starts to quietly giggle in that high pitched whispery way that she does.

Raina pauses, That has got to be the weirdest damn sound... What happened to make her stop talking? Rowan said that she does speak on occasion so she must be capable of talking....

Seeing the barely touched wine glass, Raina asks, “Dont you like your wine? It looks good.”

Star tries to explain, but Raina is unfamiliar with some of the gestures Star uses and unsure of what her eyes mean when they change color as fast as Raina blinks.

Raina grabs Stars hands in hers, “Stop, stop....I dont know what you mean for sure. You are going too fast for me.”

Star sighs and passes the note to Raina for her to read. “Oh... okay. You dont know him, do you?” Star shakes her head and touches her ears and points to Keon.

“He is fae, but also a rider. I dont know him, but I think Alise does. We can ask her what it means when she gets back. Maybe he just thinks you are pretty and wants to get your attention.” Raina is surprised when Star shakes her head, a frown wrinkling her forehead and her eyes starting to tear and turn a stormy gray.

Raina smiles, and teasingly says, “Shall I have Panther eat him for dinner?”

Giggling in her strange way, Stars eyes change to a brighter blue and Raina can tell she is communicating with her cat. I will have to ask her about that sometime...

Raina looks up to see Alise and Stoney returning and speaking with Silk. Good, hopefully one of them can explain what blessings from the dark means...

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