Friday, January 7, 2011

Stoney looks around the room. His family is mixing with the others, his nest Kin are busy, Ob getting ribbed by some of the Riders about his poor shapechanging skills. he watches as Silk leans close, whispering something. Silk? It takes him a moment to process that she is back and looking more female than dragon.

"How about right now, Pandora? Let's steal away a few moments. Mon Alli... no one will miss us I think. I think you should just take a few minutes to rest, oui?"

Pandora leads them to the room she offered to put aside for Alise to rest in. Stoney helps Alise get comfortable on the bed, then draws close a chair for himself and Pandora.

"Talk to us Pandora. I can't read you, but you look worried...?"

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