Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pandora sighs,and starts... "actually Stoney,I am worried... but also so excited". She looks up at him, and over to Alise and says... "I think I am with child, Rowan told me tonight... with all that had been going on I never realized some things were different.".

She blushed and said... "I am thrilled, but I am worried about Obsidian... he just went through that episode of being stuck as his daemon self and during that time he mentioned that any children we had would carry that blood; I"m not sure he'd want this child... he is so at odds with his heritage right now."

Pandora let a couple of tears slip down her face before wiping them swiftly away... "I see how happy the two of you are, and I'm afraid... Should I even tell him now? or wait awhile till I am sure all is okay with the child,"... she drew her  hand to her stomach in the age old gesture of motherhood... and she smiled up at Stoney. "Please be truthful, I feel closer to Ob than I ever have with the things we have gone through together; but this is a commitment for life... I'm not sure he wants that now."

Pandora looked to Alise and said... "I also know that I would fight with my life for this baby, I have only known for a short time, but its mark is in my heart now forever." Alise returns her smile with that sweet maternal look of hers and Pandora wishes her relationship with Ob was as simple as these two lovers; who just bound their lives together before all they knew.

She leaned back in her chair, hand still resting on her belly... and waited for Stoney's reply, realizing from the shocked look on his face that he was totally blindsided by her speech....

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