Friday, January 7, 2011

Keon sends Star a glass of Raspberry Wine.  Monty slips the note into her hand. Blessings to thee from the Dark. It is good to see one of the Fair gracing a marriage long in coming. Below the words was the signature Keon Blackthorn, Rider of Herne.

Keon turns his awareness to the cloaked figure in the corner. An Adhene stands nearby, watching Alise with bright attention. A smile lights his face and he beds to talk to the cloaked one, then slips out the door. A few moments later, the cloak is hung on the wall, and Silk strides across the room to Ob. her appearance has changed again. Where once she was a mythical blend of dragon and woman, now she is all woman, but covered in iridescent scales. Her dark mane flows like black silk rippling with a tinge of red. The black leathers draw eyes from all over the room. His Riders rise and give her their version of a salute. She acknowledges them and leans close to speak with Ob. He nods and touches his pendant. Only then does Silk scan the room.

Keon asks Monty to bring a glass of soda to Silk. She accepts it and smiles, blowing Keon a kiss. Something good has happened, she will tell him later. He knows her eyes, at the moment, are for her beloved Sorcerer. He is content to wait.

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