Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stoney almost drops his tea, stumbling under the sharp stab of pain across his arm and chest. The hot liquid splashes over his hand and he curses, the french cut off abruptly. Carefully placing his mug on the table, Stoney pants, opening his mind to the pain. Ob...

Alise' touch is welcome. The warmth of her hand a reminder that the pain is not his. Chiot, what is it? I have been asking, can you hear me this way?

Oui, mon amour. I hear you. Rowan is settling Ob's bones. He shudders and shouts in pain as his fingers convulse. Panting, Stoney collapses into a chair. He can feel his brother's fluent stream of Spanish. Bro... would you rather have healed... wrong? Think of Pandora and Chloe. Go let them know you will be healed by next sunset.

Holding a hand to his forehead, Stoney shudders. Alise pours him a fresh cup of tea. Stoney places it on the table, keeping her hand in his. He smiles at Erik and Star.

"Ob will be fine. Nothing he hasn't weathered before." He watches Star play with Tomas. "Yes... he wants to play with the big kitties. It will be soon, little man."

Shaking, Stoney lowered himself to the cushions before the fireplace. "Chaton, I think I better sit here. I may fall out of the chair if Ob does something else... painful."

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