Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rowan gently moves Obs hair out of his face with the back of her hand. She noticed the color had returned to his face and the sweating had stopped. She had been afraid for a moment when he suddenly stopped swearing that he was going to pass out. Rubbing his uninjured arm, she asks “Better? I can get you a drink. And if you dont object to magic I am sure Pandora can help too.”

Graci, Rowan. Your skill and compassion will not go unnoticed...”

Squeezing Obs hand Rowan smiles, “Its my calling, its what I do... Let me get you that drink. You rest a minute and I will send Pandora to you. Let her help, it will make her feel better to be useful. She is very talented...” Noticing Obs grin, she chuckles, “That's not exactly what I meant, but whatever helps...”

When Rowan leaves the back room and goes to the bar to speak with Monty she notices the band is winding down and the crowd is starting to thin. That took longer than I thought. I hope everyone else is all right.... She asks Monty to bring Ob a couple of shots of something strong and returns to the table to speak with Pandora and check on Traeger.

Sitting across from Pandora she takes her hand in hers. “Okay, first, you do know that he heals when he goes to stone, right?” Pandora slowly nods her head and asks “Is he going to be all right?”

Nodding Rowan explains Obs injuries and what she did to make sure the bones are in alignment when he goes to stone for the day. “The only concern I have is his hand. The collarbone looks good and so do the fingers. I did the best I could, but it wouldn't hurt for you to work some magic too, if he allows that. Collarbones are very sensitive as are fingers and he is in more pain than he wants to let on. Let me take you to him.” Rowan takes Pandora's hand and leads her to the back room. “Be careful of his left side....” and Pandora slowly opens the door...

Rowan returns to Traeger, “Let me see this. Does it feel any better? It looks a bit better. Dont try to talk yet.” Laying her head on his shoulder Rowan murmurs, “Goddess, I am so tired for some reason. Star can stay with Alise so I am free for the night, or whats left of it anyway....”

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