Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rowan nods and digs through her case to the bottom where she keeps splints and bindings. She pulls out what looks like a strip of fabric sewn in a circle. She adds a hand splint and a couple of finger splints in case she needs them.

“Since you can heal on your own, I wont do much for the bruising, just an ointment to take some the discomfort away for now.” Rowan gently rubs the ointment over Obs collarbone and neck. “I will put the splint for the collarbone on first, then look at your hand. This is going to hurt, there's no way around it, but will feel better once it's in place.”

Ob nods and braces his feet on the floor. Rowan carefully slips the splint in place and warns him before she tightens it. “All right, now comes the hard part. When I fasten this, its going to pull your shoulders back and open your chest. You wont be able to move your upper arms or shoulders very well and you shouldn't try to.” As she talks Rowan wraps the sling around Obs shoulders and moves behind him to finish. “Take a deep breath and I will get this in place.....” and she gently but firmly pulls the sling into place, forcing Ob's shoulders back.

Ob groans, feeling for a moment that his chest might explode. He can vaguely hear Rowan telling him to breathe, not to hold his breath. He lets it out slowly and some of the pain seems to go along with the exhaled air. He looks up at Rowan, “You weren't kidding....”

Smiling Rowan says, “No, I don't kid about things like that. It will get better, the pain wont completely go away, but will be tolerable. Now lets look at the hand.”

Ob holds out his left hand, swollen and discolored from the wrist down and including the middle and index fingers.

“This looks horrible. The best I can do is to straighten the two broken fingers and hope that it also pulls the fractured bones in your hand back into place at the same time. Then splint it all and hope for the best. You do know I have to pull the bones apart to realign them? This will be worse than the collarbone. Do you want someone here with you? Someone who can take your squeezing their hand... or a good stiff drink before I start?”

“Just do it Maestra, we no tell Pandora, si?” Obs accent is thicker, his words harder to understand.

Rowan nods, and brings another stool over. She sits and takes the injured hand in hers. “We will have to tell Pandora or she is going to kill me. Besides she will notice the splints and you cannot take them off. Not for any reason, even sex. In fact, you will have to tell her that she needs to be on top tonight, so you don't mess up all my hard work.”

Rowan keeps talking and teasing Ob, trying to distract him from what she is doing. “Okay, deep breath...” and as soon as Ob starts to inhale, Rowan pulls the middle finger back into place. Obs face goes white and before he can breathe again she takes the remaining injured finger and does the same. She quickly gets the splint on the hand before the swearing starts and has the two fingers splinted just as Obs face starts to regain a little color.

“Now I bet you could use a good stiff drink. I am sorry, there is no other way to set bones other than surgically. And I was serious about the sex. Let your woman take charge. You don't want me to reset any of this again do you?”

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