Monday, January 24, 2011

I pull back from the kiss, looking up at Mortuis through lowered lashes. My accent is at its deepest, putting the gypsy purr into my r's.

"One would think, My Lord Death, that you meesed leetle me..."

The sharp nails of one hand drift down his shirt, lightly stroking over the silk. I find the waistband and caress lower, pressing the flat of my hand over the hardness that pleases me so much. There is a sudden hitch to his breath as I cup his length and squeeze through the fabric of his pants.

"I can no longer safely pass the wards, mi amor. I have returned the Wolf and Cat to those past the Veil. Now... I am simply me. Dragon, Djinn, Romanavich, Succubi... but now I am free. My contract is only for missions that specifically need my skills."

My lips begin a slow path down his shirt, My sharp teeth separating buttons from the silk. In moments it is easy to slip my hand inside his shirt.

"I have missed you My Love."

My lips press over his bulge through the fabric of his pants. I begin to scrape my teeth over his length. He moans and I smile. I manage to open his zipper and coax his length out. I cannot resist and kiss the tip, then swallow him hard and fast. I swallow hard around him, then pull back moaning.

"Goddess.... I have missed the taste of you."

I begin to suck him hard and fast, wanting the hot rush of him in my throat.

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