Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rowan stopped by the tavern shortly after Traegers call to come and check on Pandora. She checked the baby's growth, and even after seeing how fast Alises babies grew was amazed at how quickly the pregnancy was progressing.

“You look fine Pandora. The only thing I can find is that your blood pressure is up some. So thats something we need to keep an eye on.” Pandora is sitting on the edge of the bed and Rowan sits next to her. “Is there something worrying you? Are you worried about the delivery? Its seldom as bad what most first mothers think. I am sure you can talk to Alise about that. The false labor is just your body getting ready, its really nothing to worry about.”

Pandora was about to say something when Ob knocks on the door and peaks his head in, “Can I come in? Are you finished with your exam? How is mi Bruha y bambina?”

Rowan waves him in, “She is fine. Worrying too much maybe and not resting enough. But otherwise everything seems to be fine. The baby is growing and I think maybe another three weeks or so. At least judging by how Alises time went."

Looking up at Ob, Rowan asks about his shoulder, “Has it healed properly? Take off your shirt and let me see.”

Ob hesitates and Rowan laughs. “I have already seen you from the waist up and I am a healer. If I were a few years younger you might have reason to worry....”

Ob notices a bit of a saucy look in her eyes and his own eyes widen.

Rowan smiles as she runs her hands over his collarbone and moves his shoulder back and forth.“I am not so old that I dont appreciate a fine looking man. Pandora is a very lucky woman. Your shoulder looks fine. You had me worried with this when I first saw it.”

Rowan starts to gather her things and put them back in her bag. She takes Pandora's hand and reassures her that everything will be fine. “Just rest more please... “

Pandora nods and looking at Rowan says, “You look tired too Rowan. Are you resting enough?”

Laughing Rowan cups Pandoras chin with a hand, “Imp. I am tired. Things have been hectic with the coven, and many of our oldsters seem to be sick this winter. But I am going to sit downstairs long enough to have a whiskey. And that might be my rest for the day.”

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