Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pandora relaxes and works through the pain; it eases up as soon as she grows calm... Obsidian patiently gets her seated on the chaise and once she is laying down the pain subsides completely. "Ob, is it going to be alright?... its not time... we must talk with Rowan... I don't  want Chloe in distress." Traeger is beside her now and adds his calming voice to Ob's... "Pandy; your little princess is okay... I think it was just one of those pains the women from Ob's tribe described when his mother carried him... perhaps just a clash of bloodlines... I wouldn't worry. Rowan is supposed to meet me here tonight; I'll call and ask her to hurry so she can examine you and put your fears to rest."

He laid his hand on her belly and felt the soft brush against his hand as Chloe moved... "Granddaughter, take your time... your grandfather will be here whenever you arrive"... and he said a blessing and felt her movement calm as Pandora's had. He grinned; "Ob,that is the first time I felt her move... your daughter knows all her family I think ."

Pandora smiled softly at his words; knowing how the birth of her child would bring joy into his life as well as theirs. "I will just rest till Rowan arrives, but I really feel fine now... I don't want to be treated like an invalid." Her features were set in the determined look that Ob was learning to read so well... if Rowan said everything was okay she was free to do anything she thought reasonable.

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