Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rowan smiles and laughs, “It seems as if none of us exist for the cats except Star when she is here.” Star returns the smile, petting the tiger. Standing Rowan says, “Well, I still have some patients to see and I need Star's help with the little ones...”

Star pets the cats, and tells them good bye. I will see you both again soon, I hope... The big cats rub against her and return to their spots in the sun.

Star goes to Alise and gives her a hug and rubs her belly as if saying goodbyr to the babies. She waves at Stoney and Raina as she moves to where Rowan is patiently waiting. When she passes by Erik she looks right at him and gives him a small shy smile.

Raina laughs, “By all the gods, look at your face! Talk about whipped... What am I going to do with you? All she has to do is smile at you? Holy Hel, what will happen if she ever kisses you??”

But Erik is oblivious to the teasing and has the look of someone who's been hit over the head – he wears a dreamy look and a big goofy smile for the rest of the night, and Raina practically has to tie him to the bike to keep him from floating away, all the way back to the Tavern.

Stoney and Alise smile at Raina's teasing and wave as the bike takes off with a roar.

Stoney helps Alise to stand and takes her in his arms, “We should get ready to go to the tavern, mon amour. I want to talk to Ob and I am sure Pandora would like to talk to you as well. Have you talked to Star yet about staying and helping with the babies?”

Alsie shakes her head, “Not yet, but I will soon. Are we flying? Let me braid my hair and I will be ready...”

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