Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ob is on his cell phone when Pandora comes back out of the bathroom. He turns on the bed so she can curl back against him. He brushes damp hair from her face.

"No, she is a little sick, but not bad. What else can we expect, Maarteen. Alise looks like she will give birth anytime. Yes... But Alise is human, Re'mi is Gar. What about the women who birth Romanavich children? Yes... I'll hold."

He kisses Pandora gently. "Maarteen will get one of the women to give us advice." He strokes her black hair back. "I am sorry Bruha. I am trying to get answers. I guess a human Witch and a Romanavich hybrid is something new to... Yes, This is Josi. Goddess be Praised! Dorca! What can your husband tell me besides the fact this will be faster than human or Romanavich?"

Ob blanches. "I don't know! I can't read her mind. Let me put her on." He puts the phone against his chest to muffle his words. "Pandora, this is Dorca. She is married to our Healer. She wants to know if you are feeling any burning or tearing. Talk to her... please..."

He offers the phone to Pandora, his pale blue eyes pleading. A heavily accented voice can be heard calling "Chia? Ello? Chia, talk to me. I give what help I can, si?"

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