Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ob can hear the stifled laughter in Dorca's voice.

"Nine Months? Oh Chia! Romanavich children... they come much sooner than that. Pandora, you carry a child of Shifter blood. That alone makes birth less than human time. There is also Gargoyle and Deamon in Josi's makeup."

Pandora's eyes widen as she looks at Ob. She mouths not nine months? Ob shakes his head. How long? He shakes his head and points to the phone. Pandora hands him the phone and runs for the bathroom. he puts the phone to his ear in time to hear Dorca call Pandora's name.

"Um, first... the remedies? What will help with the sickness? Dorca, it is bad... and any idea how long will it be?

There is silence at first, then a thoughtful sigh. "Josi, your mama, she carried you for five months. She was real sick. She ate spicy things. They helped. Bland things made it worse." He murmurs thanks and goodbye, then clicks off.

Ob knocks on the door,  waiting until Pandora answers. His hand strokes through her damp hair, brushing it back from her flushed face.

"Bruha... I love you." He takes her hand and places it on the new scar on his chest. "I cannot be other than what I am. I have come to accept that." He raises her hand to his lips, kissing the tips of her fingers.

"Come, let's see if something spicy will help, si?"

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