Sunday, January 9, 2011

Raina was the only one who heard the quick intake of air since she was sitting next to Star and saw the fear in her eyes as she lowered her head, cheeks bright red with embarrassment. Raina gently reaches for Stars hand under the table and squeezes it reassuringly. Rainas eyes meet Alises across the table, both concerned for their new friend.

As the conversation moves on to other things, Star slowly lifts her head and reaches for the wine glass. She holds it under her nose, inhaling deeply, the scent reminding her of picking berries with her mother, the memory of happier times making her smile. She relaxes as she starts to sip it but her mind is teeming with questions, none of which she has an answer for.

No one has ever offered to help me except Rowan. Why would this person do so now? Does he know what happened or who it was? Probably not. He does not seem the type that would associate with the evil ones that... did that to me.... Which court... what does that mean? I dont come from any court....

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