Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pandora returned to the table,giving Ob a bright smile as she crossed the room... slipping into his lap to receive his nuzzling on her neck. "Sorry I disappeared... Alise seemed fatigued and we sat a few minutes to let her lie down." Obsidian was happy with her reply.

She ordered a big ice water with lemon from Monty when he came round, he looked at her with some surprise... then a look dawned in his eyes. Pandora knew he had many powers he never spoke of, and she instantly guessed he had picked up her thoughts about the baby. Damn,she would have to catch him before he spoke of it to anyone else... but she knew he was subtle... he would wait till she spoke of it.

She relaxed into Ob's arms, head on his shoulder, listening to the tall tales going round the table and laughing at the boastful claims of the riders... and their unmerciful teasing about Ob and his changes.

In the back of her mind she thought of the child; would it be a boy or girl?... would it have any powers,or be as human as her?... she knew with Obsidian's strong background that the baby most likely would carry much of Ob in its genetic code. She laughed to herself at the image of a tiny dragon stomping when it didn't get its way.

Then her mind got back to reality... she had to figure a way to break the news to Obsidian. She wondered how long Alise had till the babies came... she would ask Rowan. Seeing Stoney and Alise's babes would make Ob more receptive she thought to the idea of having one of their own.

Glancing across the room she saw her dad dancing with Rowan, and then he joined the women at her table... she was happy to see him getting some joy for himself from this occasion. Rowan was a perfect companion for him, they shared magical knowledge and the experience of their years.

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