Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raina steps under the shower spray, sighing and tilting her head back to get her hair wet. When she tips her head back up, Gareth is standing at the entrance to the shower, holding the curtain back and hesitant to enter.

When the two make eye contact, Gareth's eyes are hot and admiring before he lowers his gaze.

Rainas heart softens towards him even further and she takes his hand and pulls him into the shower spray with her. She wraps her arms around him, holding him close, getting hot herself feeling the huge hard on pressed tight against her belly. Who would have thought the fae were so well hung...? “No one will hurt you here and no one will make you do anything you dont want to. Just tell me to back off if I ever make you uncomfortable, okay?” As Raina talks she nibbles his neck, moving slowly to an ear lobe. Her tongue leaving a hot trail on Gareths skin. He moans softly and his grip on her tightens. Raina captures his lips with hers, feeling his surrender, but she hesitates, wanting this to go like Gareth wanted. She breaks the kiss and whispers near his ear, “Why dont you tell us what you want. Let us do this for you...”

Gareth looks at her for a minute and as he runs his hands up and down her back tells her, "You have already given me so much today." His eyes are softer, but not quite so haunted-looking. "Do whatever you like; it's enough that I can feel again."

“ know thats a dangerous thing to say to a naked woman. I think I want this,” and Raina grabs his hard cock and squeezes, working it slowly up and down until Gareth is moaning loudly and begging, “please, please, you are driving me insane....”

“I suppose we could take the edge off, and have more fun later...” as Raina kisses him, sucking on his tongue and letting her hand slip from his cock to squeeze and tug on his balls.

Nick enters the shower and wraps his arms around Gareth from behind. Raina can tell from the look on his face and the size of his cock that he has been listening with that sensitive hearing that vampires have. He pushes his cock against Gareths ass and leans over his shoulder to kiss Raina.

Raina smiles, “Look at this. Seems like we should at least take the edge off for him.” She glances around Gareth's body “And maybe for you too..” Raina grins wickedly at Nick...”Lube is over there, its waterproof....” and looking at Gareth she grabs his hand and pulls it to her wet slit, “And I dont need any...”

Nick pushes his hard cock against Gareths crack and rubs slowly, “Will this be okay for you?”

Gareth swallows hard, his hand working between Rainas legs, “Yes, yes, anything...please...”

Nick reaches for the lube and starts to squirt it onto his hands and slathers it liberally on himself and Gareth. He looks at Raina and nods. She lifts a leg and rests it on a shelf in the shower, opening her pussy to Gareths gaze. She grabs Gareths hard cock and pulls him into her, both moaning loudly. Raina struggles not to cum right away, “Gods Gareth! You are so hard, mmmm....damn....”

Nick can tell from the look on her face that she isnt going to last long. He grabs Gareths hips and lines his dick up with his lubed asshole. Trying to time his thrusts to Gareths thrusting into Rainas pussy, he enters slowly at first. Gareth takes him all in easily and starts pumping harder, one direction brings his cock deep into Raina and pulling back brings Nick deep into him. Raina cums first, exploding and drowning Gareths cock with her juices. She keeps pushing against him knowing that he wont last much longer, his and Nicks loud moans telling her they are both on the verge. She grabs Gareth and starts kissing him, her tongue working in his mouth....

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