Sunday, January 9, 2011

Raina looks up at Rowans approach. “Look who is back. If you let Alise know when you will be at the cottage next, I will make sure Panther is there, all right? I better get back to Nick and Erik.” Raina gives Star a hug and hugs Alise with a whispered “We will talk soon” and heads to the bar.

Rowan takes her place next to Star but her eyes never leave Traeger's. I wonder if he can tell how much I wanted to just stay in his arms, how much I wanted to kiss him. How would he react to that? You are such a ninny sometimes, you are not a little girl, he is hardly going to run away from you. He asked you to dance first. ..

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she introduces Traeger to Star. Star smiles and doesnt shy away quite as much as she does from most men. Maybe I just need to get her around people a little more other than her helping me with the new babies, or maybe its because Traeger is a bit older, he would seem more of a father figure to her.

The conversation at the table ebbs and flows around different subjects, but Rowans mind keeps returning to the feel of Traegers arms around her....

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