Friday, January 7, 2011

Raina is not sure who starts laughing first, but its contagious and better than breaking up a fight. She calls for a bottle and pours them all a shot. Just then a few of the wedding guests arrive at the tavern.

Rowan comes in with Star close to her. She smiles and waves at Raina, taking a second look at Erik, her eyes wide with surprise. Star glances over at them and smiles shyly, her eyes yellow with curiosity, then blue as she mentally makes contact with Panther, who is at her place on Raina's arm. Raina looks up, surprised that Panther is purring and moving. She notices Erik's tiger moving too and wonders who here is capable of communicating with the big cats. She sees Star looking from one cat to the other, her eyes bright blue until she catches Erik looking at her. Raina catches a glimpse of red as Star quickly lowers her gaze and looks at the floor.

Erik asks, “Umskiptingur?

Raina shrugs, “Changeling? Maybe. She has those eyes...I don't know much about her other than she is fast becoming friends with Alise and she rarely speaks due to some horrible thing that happened to her about a year ago. Pretty little thing though....”

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