Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pandora slumbered in Obsidian's arms; waking briefly until she felt his arms still holding her... one of his large hands spanning her belly to bring comfort to their daughter where she lay within her mother's nest.

"I'm sorry I scared you Ob... it was so real, I feared for Chloe"... but I can see we are alright now; you are with us and I feel safe. Perhaps it was just a reaction to the fight... and seeing the babies... holding them... it brought Chloe so much closer in my heart; and the dream just triggered something. I am not sure that the last was not a warning...we must never take our daughter or her safety for granted."

Pandora turned her face up to kiss her man... and the emotions he sent her in his kiss quelled all her fears for now... she snuggled closer against his chest as he stroked her hair and felt the baby calm to his touch... she sighed and mused that Ob seemed more able to communicate mentally with her since she carried the child... she enjoyed the feel of Ob's breathing against her hair and soon drifted into peaceful slumber in the arms of her love.

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