Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ob clicks his phone closed just as Pandora reaches his side. Timing, he thinks, is everything. He is grareful that Pandora can't truly read his mind. He can tell that Chloe is curious. She touches his mind, trying to see what daddy is hiding.

*Usted no puede decir mommacita, pero papito tiene algo por ella. Abuelo es trayendo ella con le.

He feels Chloe's excitement and watches Pandora press a hand to her rounded stomach. A pained look crosses her face and she stops moving for a moment. Pandora looks up at Ob, fighting to hide the sudden pain.

Are you ready to be born, chica?

Chloe instantly stills. her emotions bouncing back and forth between excitement and fear. Ob crosses the floor to wrap his arms around Pandora. Chloe's emotions are playing havoc with Pandora's. Ob urges her to sit, pulling another chair close and propping up her feet.

"Breathe Bruha. Breathe through the pains. Is it contractions?"

His eyes are a little wild as he tries to read Pandora. Her energy is chaotic and he is having a hard time differentiating the baby's from hers. Monty picks up the phone, dropping it as Traeger walks in.

"Mujer... breathe... in, out, in, out... Chloe, she says she is not ready yet. Breathe through this mi amor..."

*You cannot tell mommy, but daddy has something for her. Grandfather is bringing it with him.

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