Monday, January 24, 2011

Well, what have we here?

I'm sure I'd remember having seen this blue-skinned hottie if she'd been here before. Her skin is pale blue, almost sky blue, her hair blue-black and diamond studs sparkle from her ears and navel. She knows how to dress to make the most of her assets, and the look in her eyes is pure heat. Her lips are a slightly darker blue and there's a tiny smile at the corner of her mouth. She knows the effect she has, and it looks like she enjoys it. My eyes are riveted to the front of her shirt where I can make out the shape of nipple rings - and nipples.

She smiles as she approaches, her hips swaying. "Take a picture," she says with a sly grin. "It'll last longer."

Suddenly flustered, I find myself tongue-tied, which isn't normal for me. "Errrr - uh - I was just admiring - "

"This?" She grins and lifts her shirt. Her nipples are the same blue as her lips, or perhaps a shade darker, and the rings are silver. As I gaze in open-mouthed admiration - also known as gawking and drooling - she pulls her shirt down and walks past me. My eyes follow her; she has a perfect heart-shaped ass, in jeans she must have spray-painted on. She looks back at me over her shoulder and winks.

"Maybe if you're a good boy, someday you'll find out." And with that, she straightens and saunters past me, leaving me speechless.

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