Thursday, January 27, 2011

The first gleam of dawn is starting to peep through the branches when I wake next to the fire with Star wrapped around me. Her face is so peaceful, so serene, with just the hit of a smile at one corner of her mouth. I hate to wake her, and so I compromise by kissing her - here and there and everywhere, lightly - until her eyes open and she gives me a heavy-lidded smile.

"Mm-morning," she says with a giggle.

I smile. "Good morning, love."

We share a long deep hug and a few more kisses, and I let my eyes have their fill of her body - slender, as elves have a tendency to be. I wonder if Nick and Raina have patched things up? The thought flits through my mind and is gone on the instant.

Now I remember the sorcerer's call. I snuggle close to Star and tell her what he's learned. Her face scrunches up, as if the information is unwelcome; there's even a hint of a pout.

"We don't have enough to go on yet, Star," I say quietly, "but when we do, nothing on Midgard will keep me from confronting him. You will be avenged, if I have to travel to the ends of the earth."

Star jerks upright, the covers falling away, shaking her head violently. "You can't l-leave me here alone, not now. I d-don't want to be without you, n-not ever, not even for this."

"Star," I say patiently, "it has to be done. Think of the others this vermin will defile if he isn't stopped. Think of those that came before you, and the ones since. He won't stop on his own. It has to be ended."

Her eyes shift color like a kaleidoscope, tears starting to her eyes, and her head drops. "I won't leave you alone, sweetlove. We'll find a safe place, good people for you to be with before I go. And I pledge you my word, I won't be gone a minute longer than I have to."

My voice drops a notch. "Only this could draw me from your side, and nothing will prevent me from returning to you."

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