Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pandora is happy for the wonderful evening with family; but also happy it is over... she whispers to Obsidian that she is going up to bathe in the tub with a mountain of bubbles, and he tells her he will join her after a brief talk with the riders.

Entering their room Pandora immediately starts the bath water and slips in the fragrant oils she favors and a few sprinkles of bubbly... she thinks of Chloe as she does it, thinking how much fun she will have watching her daughter bathe. Padding about the room she undresses and puts away her things... drawing a soft silken robe from her closet to slip on after she is through.

Sinking into the warm relaxing water Pandora closes her eyes... she can still hear the hum of conversation downstairs and the loud laughs that explode periodically from the men's tall tales. She slips into a dream... she is crossing a flower strewn field... and a figure emerges from the trees at the other end of the field... as it draws closer she perceives it is a female figure; and nearer still she sees her mother's face, and runs to her... embracing her with tearful eyes. Her mother draws back after they embrace,and she puts her hands on Pandora's stomach; in a gesture both loving and protective...." I am so sad I will not be there to watch my namesake grow; Chloe will be a beautiful and gifted child... but she will also have the wildness that both you and your mate possess... you must protect her from herself until she can be taught the powers needed to protect herself... she will have much of her father's gifts, and you must help control her impulsiveness; for she could easily be seduced to the dark by her deamon bloodline. I give you the gift of seeing her grow within your dreams... that you might be better prepared to lead her on the right path. I love you daughter; and I am happy that your father is moving on; he is part of your destiny... and deserves the happiness of holding another close in his life." With her last words she turned from Pandora and returned toward the wood; stopping once to look back at her daughter and wave. Pandora choked back tears; for she knew she would never touch or hear her mother again,as she had just now.

She awoke shaken; and toweling off quickly she wrapped herself in the robe and curled up on the bed... drawing a quilt over her as she again slept. She saw her daughter in this dream ; sleeping like an angel in the cradle her father crafted... and a shadow loomed over her sleeping shape... it scared Pandora, something about it gave her a sense of fear...she awoke screaming... panting for air as she swam up out of the dream, her hand on her belly as she felt Chloe stir... she sensed Pandora's fear....

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