Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guunnar grins as he watches the nymph coax the fox out on the floor. He leans close to Keon and Ob.

"Dat von, he need somevon to make him forget his heart for a vile."

Keon nods, talking over precautions with Ob. He watches as Guunnar's eyes drift back to the stairs. He had been doing that since he saw how drunk she had been. Nick hadn't been much better, after talking with Erik and Star.

Before the next word is spoken, Ob is gone, taking the stairs two at a time. Tori and Ike are out the doors, wings already gracing their backs. Keon smiles at Guunnar. "Never a dull moment around here, my friend. Better than the dramas the humans get so wrapped up in."

A young shifter edges to the bar next to Keon. She orders a raspberry wine from Monty and winks at the Riders. Keon watches her sashay away, glancing over her shoulder in open invitation. Guunnar grins. "Ve vait for Ob to need help, or ve enjoy ourselves?"

"Go have fun Guunnar." Keon breathes deep, taking in the scent lingering next to him. "She is Tigress." Guunnar grins. Straightening up, he rocks back on his heel as a demifae darts in front of him. It lands on Keon's glass, almost falling in.

Keon's expression is grim. "Rachal."

She bites her lip and pulls herself up straighter. Jumping down from the glass she drops into a curtsey.

"Lord Blackthorn, the Dragonman asked me to tell you that all is well. Mistress Pandora dreamed of a shadow leaning over their child. It terrified her and the little one screamed for protection." Her head remains bowed and she holds very still, wings shivering, betraying her fear.

Keon lifts his glass, twirling the liquid. "I see. What were you doing upstairs? You were forbidden to bother Pandora."

The fae bows her body more. "I followed to make sure she made it to her room alright. She was so tired." Her voice stutters as she adds more, her voice bitter. "and I... I don't trust that... Sidhe. Unseelie use any method to get what they want."

Keon leans closer. "Do We?"

Her head comes up, fear etched on her tiny features. "Forgive me Lord Blackthorn. You have more Honor than most of your kin! I forgot what Court you were born to...!" Her large eyes shimmer She glances up at Guunnar, then back at Keon. "But... but, Sir... You like the humans too... don't you?"

Keon smiles. The small twitch of his lips and the sparkle in the darkness of his eyes giving Rachal hope. "Yes. I do. Consider yourself forgiven Rachal." Her head dips in relief. "But... no wish granting without approval. Stay out of sight and you may keep an eye on Pandora and Chloe. Miko is their chosen guard. If anything strange happens, warn him. I don't trust the Lady Morgan either."

Rachal bows again and flits away when Keon makes a small dismissing gesture. Guunnar watches the creature dart up the stairs.

"I tink, I vill go check on Raina, Be back down in a moment." He shoots a last glance at the Tigress, vowing to see if she was a wildcat in bed, and makes his way to the stairs.

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