Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ob had been discussing Morgan with Keon and Guunnar. His head jerks up as he feels fear, intense fear. Ike and Tori look about, feeling it also. It takes a split secoind for Ob to realise what he is feeling is Pandora, magnified by Chloe. Without saying goodbye to the Riders, he moves through the crowd, almost shoving people out of his way. Ike and Tori head for the doors, shifting on the run.

The two sisters are airborne as soon as they hit the night, approaching Pandora's room from flanking positions. Ob slams the door open as Pandora screams again. He scans the room, taking in nothing. Chloe's cries are in his head, telling him not pain, but fear. Mommy is scared. Chloe is scared because mommy is scared. Scrambling for control, Ob pushes back his own change.

Keep vigilance... Bruha is terrified and Chloe is broadcasting it to us.

He settles gently on the bed, pulling Pandora into his arms. He fights the urge to crush her to him, working at just holding her. His body is almost stone and he fears he would hurt her if he did more. The wild terror in her eyes has him seeking energy signatures. There is nothing there that should not be. Miko and his brothers are darting into shadows, seeking what scared Pandora. Another demifae stands guard at the doors. Pandora and Chloe are slowly calming as he rocks them, their essences becoming less and less chaotic. There is nothing else in the room.

"Mi amor... Bruha... *hablar reunrise... Que' estado aqui? Que' asustado usted?" His words are soft, but the confusion is still in her eyes.  He pauses, catching himself, realizing he was speaking Spanish, and switches to English. "What was here? What scared you?"

She begins to tell him of the dream, seeing her mother, and the sadness knowing she would never be there to hold her namesake. Then as she begins to tell of the dark shape, the fear begins to course through her, Chloe amplifying it in his mind. He begins to stroke his hand up and down Pandora's back, his mind working at calming their ^bambina. He feels his sisters break off their air support and head back to the barroom.

Miko and his brothers hover close, the other demifae winging her way to them. It takes Ob a moment to realize it is Rachal. She perches on the headboard, arms crossed as she stares about the room, still hunting for intruders. Knowing she has taken a liking to Pandora, Ob motions her forward. She hovers over Pandora, bringing a bit more peace with her.

"Little Miss, will you go down and let Lord Blackthorn and his friend know that nothing is wrong, except a bad dream and my daughter's ability to drill their terror straight into my brain?"

The damiefae laughs, saluting Ob and darting toward the door. Turning she pipes "Aye Aye, Capita'n!" and is gone.

Miko shakes his head. "She came up when Pandora did. Asked if she could stay, we said yes. Is ok, si?"

Ob nods, feeling the stone leave his body, cuddling Pandora closer to his chest.

Ob feels Stoney and Alise's concern. He lets them know it was a nightmare and that he will discuss it with them later. He settles back on the bed, holding his woman and child, stroking his hand through Pandora's tangled locks.

"It is alright Bruha. Chloe is fine, you are safe, and I am here." He smiles at the little warriors still hovering around the bed. "and we have Miko and his brothers watching over us. I think we are well protected."

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