Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ob stretches. The ache in his neck and back still hurting. He is getting old. The thought stops him. Old? He is still under 300. His woman is pregnant. he is Romanavich. He is NOT old. He hears the echoing laugh in his mind. Bro... I think it is more a sign to settle down, oui? Some pains are herder to bear. Leave the Tavern to Patti and Monty for the night. You know Ike and Tori will help. There is a pause and Stoney sends him a grin. I think we will come visit tonight. If Tori is up, have her bring her jeep to the Cottage?

Tori's mind touches. Yo, I'm There!

Ob smiles and leans down to kiss Pandora's hair. He tugs gently, turning her face up to hers. His lips brush gently over her soft lips. "Stoney and Alise are going to come visit. Tori is heading out for them." He looks around the Tavern. "Everything is set here, si? Do you need to be down here for now?"

His hand slides down her back, kneading her lower back gently, pulling her closer. Kissing her jawline, he whispers in her ear. "Come make love with me, Bruha."

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