Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tomas lets out a healthy burp, and a little bit of his breakfast decorates the cloth on Stoney's shoulder. He bunches up his legs against Stoney's shoulder. His father pats again, coaxing another big burp out. The baby's posture eases, relaxing more against Stoney's shoulder. Rocking him softly Stoney talks to him.

"Time to get dressed nicely, *Peu Monsieur. Maman has Tara looking like a princess. You can look no less fine. We are going to visit our famille."

He deftly changes the diaper, wrinkling his nose. "How can one boy make so  much waste is beyond me." The outfits from Pandora are warm. The sweaters almost, but not quite matching. Stoney slips a pair of warm boots on Tomas' feet and sets him in his cradle as he checks over the diaper bag. Alise had lain a few extra needs next to it and he packs them in as she finishes dressing. Rinsing out the cloth, he lays it over the edge of the sink, running over a check list in his mind. Alise comes out of the bedroom and Stoney just stares.

^"De toute beaute', simplement de tout beaute'."

His arms slip around her and he pulls her close. ~"Je vous aime, Alli."

His lips find hers and he claims her breath for a moment.

"Tori should be here soon."

*Little Mister.

^Beautiful, simply beautiful.

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