Monday, January 3, 2011

Ob closes a scaley hand over Pandora's shoulder. He raises his head and cocks it, watching the room. Keon grins at him and smoke trickles from from between Ob's jaws. There is a rumble deep in his chest that makes Pandora stare up at him. His eyes are bright as he looks over the room. It takes her a few minutes to realise he is laughing.

Ike laughs aloud. Tori joins in, snapping her laptop shut. Ob's mind touches Stoney's, then Alise's, No harm, No foul... and I am stuck.

His voice echoes from deep inside. "Mi Mujer is right though. If anyone has a way to turn me back, I would appreciate the help."

He steers Pandora to the dance floor and settles down, pulling her into his lap. He knows he is not the most comfortable couch and soon finds Keon handing a folded cloak for her comfort. The Riders start offering ideas on changing back, as do the shifters. Keon leans close as everyone talks and tells Pandora of the flame-haired Fae who left moments before.

He keeps his conversation quiet, knowing Pandora will share with Ob. Keon tells her of the woman's regal bearing, her manservent, how she swept in as if she owned the tavern. He adds in reminders of the Fae's tempers, and their disdain for "lower" creatures. There is much more he would tell her, but others move closer. Keon presses a finger to his lips and cautions her with his eyes.

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