Monday, January 3, 2011

Stoney motions to Rowan. "We are leaving. We want a little time alone. Is it okay?" Rowan nods, half listening to the suggestions being offered to Ob. "Will you be able to get back to the Manse?"

Rowan suddenly turns her complete attention to Stoney. "Don't worry. I will get back fine. Besides, I know how much you both need this. Go, get out of here." As she turns away, she gives one last reminder. "Don't go in the water. Some of the wounds need a little more time to heal."

Stoney grins. He kisses the top of Alise' curls. "Who said anything about going into the water?" Rowan laughs.

"I'll take care of her back tomorrow, after you go to sleep. Don't rip anything open."

Stoney turns bright red and slides from the booth. He wishes Jack a good night and touches his sibs' mind, telling them they are going. He slips Alise out the back and gathers her into his arms. In moments they are airborne.

A deep peace settles into Stoney. he has his woman, his babies, and the touch of the night wrapped around them. The lake soon sparkles with moonlight and he glides in for a landing.

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