Monday, January 24, 2011

Keon's eyes hold a Hound's redness for just a moment. Turning the images face down, he lays them on the table. He extends his hand, gracefully indicatiing the seats opposite himself and Gunnar. The movement is reminiscent of a dancer and Guunnar smiles. He knows exactly how much strength those elegant hands can exert.

Once Star slips into a chair, Erik sits also, Only then does a Hound step from the shadows behind Keon. Erik takes it with acceptance, but a wariness betrays his thoughts. A small smile twitches Keon's lips. No fear in this one, and good at schooling his reaction, Keon thinks. Many a brave warrior has faltered in the presence of a Hound. Keon nods to Erik, then bends to touch his forehead to the Hound's. He whispers a few words and the Hound silently disappears back into the shadow.

His fingertips tracing the back of the images, Keon thinks for a few moments. His eyes bore into the blank sides of the paper. When he looks up, his eyes do not touch on the couple's faces, instead he stares at a middle distance, deep in thought. His eyes shift, as if seeking something.

"I do not know these..." he pauses, obviously discarding the word he was about to use. "men. But that does not mean we will not find them. Trooper has the image and will pass it on to the other Hounds. If I may borrow these," his fingers barely brush the backs of the images, "I can have someone make copies for the other members of the Dark Path. We have a large territory to police, I am sure someone has seen them at some point."

He watches a demifae zip to the ceiling. It is lost among the hangings then suddenly crawls into the fall of his hair. It's high voice holds excitement. Keon smiles. like sunlight at midnight, it changes his dark features into something less ominous.

"It seems my friends, that Tori has returned and she has passengers. Stoney and Alise have decided it is time for the twins' debut."

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